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Invisible Hidden Browsing using Google Chrome is a Feature used to browse internet without storing things like Browsing History, URL Cache, Cookies, etc. Yes its a Cloud Nine for Peoples like School and College Students who wants to access sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.com without getting caught by the Teachers. So here you can simply make that happen.

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About Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by GOOGLE inc. In 2008 Google released the Source Code for the Chrome in a Project namely CHROMIUM. The First Beta version of the google chrome was released on Sep 2008 for Windows XP and higher operating system. According to the surveys made on Nov 2012, 35% of the internet users are using Google Chrome. Nothing wrong with that, because its really amazing on the way. The User Interface Features in Google Chrome such as Desktop shortcuts and apps, Chrome Web Store, Extensions, Themes, etc are Mind Blowing.


Step 1
  • Open Google Chrome and Click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” option.
  • Then Click the third option “New incognito window”, otherwise simple use the ShortKey Ctrl+Shift+N.

 Invisible Hidden Browsing using Google Chrome

Step 2

  • That’s it, now you were Entered into the Invisible browsing using Incognito Mode.
  • Here is a New Window with an Invisible Man with a Hat icon on the Top Left, that Confirm’s you’ve Entered into the Incognito Mode.

 Invisible Hidden Browsing using Google Chrome

Benefits of INCOGNITO MODE in Google Chrome:

Like Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome offers you the incognito browsing mode.

Here comes how the incognito mode works:

Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito will not recorded in your browsing and download histories.
All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you’ve opened.
Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however
Changes made to your Google Chrome bookmarks and general settings while in incognito mode are always saved.


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